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About Us

Everything we do is built around simplicity and efficiency, taking care of the business so that you can focus on creating. We want to provide a free music distribution platform that gives artists the space and security they need to succeed. Our platform offers independent artists a simple way to ensure they get the money and popularity their music deserves.

Why Us?

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We’re here to break the mold of traditional music distribution companies, supporting independent artists and doing business in a way that is all about the artist.

Freedom is at the heart of creativity. There’s no direction from us on what you produce. We are not here to change your sound. We’re only here to give your talent the platform it needs.


There are no complicated contracts, no hidden fees. Our free music distribution plan provides you with the necessary tools to take the stress out of digital music distribution, releasing your music worldwide effortlessly in minutes.

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Without our artists, none of this happens. Our team is constantly there to help however they can. Personalized, tailored support to drive your career.

Getting Paid

We all love living in this industry, but you can’t build a career without knowing how to make money from music. You keep all the rights to your music, and we ensure you get the royalties you have earned. We provide consistent monthly royalty payouts so you can easily plan out your musical journey. We want to make sure you get paid for your talent.

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